Working on…

Making my ‘brand’ as successful as possible. Meir Digital has been running for over three years, and I’m beginning to look into expanding not only the digital marketing services I offer, but also the number of people behind the brand.

Learning about…

Some in-depth social marketing and management techniques. I figured it’s about time I got some formal qualifications in the subject.

Next on the list, is SEO qualifications.

Living in…

A sleepy, quintessential English village in the stunning Herefordshire countryside with my wife, Denise, and two boys.

We also have three dogs and several chickens. We gotta fit into the country lifestyle somehow, right?

Wait. What?


This is a “Now” page. It’s like an About page, but different… Basically, I’ll keep it updated so, if you want to know what I’m up to “right now”, you can check in here rather than trying to figure it out on social media.

It was inspired by a chap called Derek Sivers; you can read more about the approach over here.

This was last updated in February 2020.


Spoofing attacks on Instagram

Social media influencers and bloggers are used to coming under attack – but they also appear to be the latest targets of hackers and spoofers seeking to earn quick money using nefarious hacking techniques.

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