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Christmas is around the corner…

The youngest has already had his school nativity, and this week his year group are heading to a nearby theatre for their annual pantomime. Meanwhile, the eldest is winding down from a tough few months of online schooling, ready for their final few days before breaking up for the festive period.


I’m currently working on developing and building-out my independent design and development studio, Meir Digital.

Also, as a secondary service, I’ll be providing management of WordPress services via WordShip. This will be officially launched in 2024, but I’m getting some ‘soft launch’ projects onboarded now, to make sure it’s all plain sailing.

The football coaching I’ve been doing recently is coming to an end.


I’m not reading right now, but I plan to make a start on going through Watertight Marketing by Bryony Thomas. I intend this to be the backbone of my marketing for 2024.

Listening to

Christmas music is being forced out everywhere, so where possible I’m listening to non-Christmas… nostalgic 2000s pop and dance, predominantly.


I’m overhauling all of my online presence – from this website, through to social media profiles. This may mean that profiles have content removed and appear “dormant” – including the links below. These will all be updated in due course to better reflect what I’m doing and offering.

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