Matt Meir.


Meir Digital is my “brand” – the vehicle I use to promote my website design and social media management services.

As a result, I feel it’s important that I make it fundamentally clear what you can expect from me on this site and on the social media channels I use under the Meir Digital brand. These points also apply to when you work with me.

Helpful, easy-to-understand content

The content I produce will be useful and helpful. It will answer questions directly and concisely, and not be full of fluff or irrelevant information. Additionally, it will use plain English and not excessive jargon (preferably, none at all) or anything complex.

Clear pricing

Sometimes, I can’t tell you exactly how much something will cost – but I should be able to give you an estimate, at least. Where I give you an estimate, I will let you know when I expect prices to run over-and-above what we agreed on – and I’ll discuss our next steps before I continue.

Useful and appropriate referrals

I’m not a know-all. If I don’t know how to do something, or you ask me about something I can’t (or won’t) do, I shall point you in the direction of someone I trust to complete the task you have.

No spamming

If you sign up for an email list I own and have control over, I won’t spam you with irrelevant information. I will treat your inbox as I’d like my own to be treated – minimal, concise content and no pointless content.

I also will never pass, sell or share your details with other people. Simple.

Advertising and ‘Guest Posts’

This website will never display adverts (such as Google Ads).
I don’t accept Guest Posts (i.e. blog posts written by third parties).
I may include links to affiliate or partner sites – these will be clearly identified and a full disclosure is written and included with each post where appropriate.

Responsive websites

I only create responsive websites – this means that they’ll work on mobile phones, tablets or larger screens. If I must use popups, these will be minimal and kept as non-intrusive as possible.

There will never be sliding galleries… they’re a big no-no in my design vocabulary.

Push notifications

Ever get a popup telling you we’d like to send you a notification through your web browser?

Not on this site or any other site I operate.

This page was inspired by the wonderful content writer John Espirian.