One of the things I’ve struggled with – not just now, but in the past – is putting a title on what I do.

Web designer? Web developer? Webmaster? Fractional CTO? Social media manager?

The truth is – I do all of those things, so instead of trying to concoct a title that either:
a) doesn’t say what I actually do; or
b) is far too complicated to understand and requires a translator
I thought I’d just lay it all out.

I design, develop, code, build and manage websites.
I write content.
I setup email marketing campaigns – from landing pages, through to configuring the automation and segregation of lists.
I integrate, and provide analysis of, website analytics.
And I can help to configure, integrate and manage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me spending time with my wife and boys. We’re lucky enough to live in the stunning English countryside with our various animals.
I’m a big fan of sports – Stoke City FC, Miami Dolphins and Detroit Red Wings are my teams.

According to tests, I’ve an INFP-T personality type. I’ve no idea what that actually means, but one day I intend to look into it in more detail.

If you think I could help with your website, or you have a tech question, reach out and book a call with me – let’s have a chat and see where it leads.